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pink off the shoulder top

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This has been a week for celebrating! And what better way to celebrate than with confetti?! One of my best friends flew out to visit and I am so happy she was here to be in on the fun! It also happened to be her birthday!!! I met Alma when I lived in Las Vegas and we hit it off right away! She is a very up for anything, sparkly, fun lover- like me:) We have had so many crazy adventures since I met her almost 10 years ago and I can’t wait for more! I am so happy we got to celebrate her birthday with her and spread the sparkle all over Buffalo while celebrating.

I also hit 800 sales in my Etsy Shop this week! I really enjoy coming up with, finding and designing new t-shirts and I love that others are loving it too! I’m thinking I will do a big giveaway if we are lucky enough to hit 1,000 sales. I am always open for special requests and custom orders, just send me an email:)

I am SUPER excited to announce I have been accepted into the rewardStyle community! You can now shop all of my looks using If you do not use this already, it is a game changer!! With this app you can instantly shop the looks of your favorite bloggers and IGers. Once registered, you can shop my posts on Instagram by ‘liking’ or taking a screenshot and the info will be sent right to you. It is super easy and free! I have done quite a bit of my shopping using this app and I love it, so I am excited to be able to help you shop my looks now too!

This top is only $15!! And comes in multiple colors! That’s definitely a reason to celebrate! So toss the confetti and lets go shopping! Everything is linked below. I hope you are having the best week and look forward to what comes next! I have a few other bits of exciting news coming soon, stay tuned 😉

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A Week For Celebrating